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*1 gram cartridge, 100% pure flower extracted full spectrum oil with no fillers or additives.

The recommended battery for proper functioning is the Yocan Uni Pro and the use of any other mod will not be eligible for a replacement.


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These all ceramic carts have a NiChrome coil encased in ceramic so there is no metal contact to the extract. They pass all of California’s safety regulations and have zero heavy metal contamination. Due to the nature of the raw oil, when below room temperature the oil becomes more viscous. After sitting for a while, you may have to take a harder pull to get it flowing properly. Batteries that have a preheat function such as the Yocan Uni can help ensure good flow in cold temperatures. These are some of the reasons people cut carts like this but that’s not a route we want to take but we are working on other solutions.

Recommended power setting is 2.4-2.8V and under 8W max.

Do not store cartridge in areas warmer than room temperature.

In cold temperatures, warm cartridge in your hand or other source of heat to ensure better flow.

Disclaimer: When you inhale you need to draw hard to prevent heating the oil but not having it become fully vaporized to prevent having a burnt oil taste or having burnt oil back flow into the Cartridge.
The recommended battery for proper functioning is the Yocan Uni Pro and if you use a mod not designed for cartridges that you will not be eligible for a replacement.

Cartridge Replacement Policy
Due to hot weather conditions, we cannot guarantee the cartridges will be leak free on arrival. Since the heat is out of our control, a potential leak is the risk you take when you order in warm weather like this and no cartridges will be replaced due to this.
All cartridges are weighed individually to 1g. The levels inside will vary and we will not be replacing or compensating any cartridges for “looking low”.
We will replace any actual defective cartridge that won’t fire or shows as “short” or “low ohms” if you include an uninterrupted unboxing video showing the cartridge not working right out of the box. We will walk you through some potential issues and if they don’t solve the problem, we will issue a replacement cartridge.


  1. thegreatjo11 (verified owner)

    Bought these to try out as I loved the .5 carts. These are also very good and awesome quality/price ratio. A bit less tasteful, still potent as hell. Will buy again, good way to get more for cheaper.

  2. fighting_irish1000 (verified owner)

    The Og kush cart is great gets me nice and blitzed after a long day at work!!! It has a very unforgettable Og terp!

  3. mike (verified owner)

    The consistency, potency and flavor experience to me is even better than flower. The Everyday carts are a good value and I honestly can’t tell the difference from the Exquisite line with the exception of strain selection and the offering of interesting blends.

  4. stephane lavigne (verified owner)

    Love these carts!! they hit like a truck and taste amazing. No clogging , tried the og kush and tom ford 🙂 EE makes amazing products Ty Cannapanda 🙂

  5. chillysteak (verified owner)

    First time buyer, and having only tried rec store carts. These carts are on a new level in comparison, the taste is amazing and they hit a veteran stoner like no other! That being said, I have yet to try the exquisite carts but I’m excited to in the very very near future! Thanks for the amazing deal and outstanding product! I’ll be ordering these again soon

  6. mynameisjeromeh (verified owner)

    First time buyer, tried out the Trainwreck 1g cart and the .5 BB Jam. Both are exceptional quality, of course the 1g Trainwreck wasn’t as tasty as the .5 Blueberry but the Trainwreck might be stronger potency-wise. What a great deal compared to the half-distillate carts from other brands. Enigma is the real deal, and CannaPanda is my go-to MoM from now on. highly recommended.

  7. poohtz (verified owner)

    These budget carts are a good deal for such quality. Pretty good taste with great effects. I tried the tuna kush, purple ayahuasca, godfather og and headband. Cannapanda carrying some fire, definitely buying more.

  8. elzeindanny5 (verified owner)

    After having tried the premium line of these carts, I felt obliged to give the budget carts a chance. Man oh man I really don’t see it getting better than this. Perfect flavour and great high. The best value you can get for your money hands down.

  9. Sh1ro (verified owner)

    First time trying a full spectrum cart and these hit like a truck. Some of the strongest carts I’ve ever tried and well worth the money.

  10. brianscott999 (verified owner)

    I got the Citrique catridge. I was looking for a good daytime strain and this definitely fits the bill. Has a great citrus sativa taste and hits very smooth. Relaxing buzz, not overpowering and perfect for any-time-of-day consumption. This is a great outdoor activity strain…. makes everything more enjoyable and not much burnout later. The everyday cart is a great value!

  11. rodrrr (verified owner)

    Enigma always delivers. Mendo Breath is fucking fire. Best carts in Canada hands down.

  12. tonyxc3 (verified owner)

    Lindsay OG is great value!!

  13. The Punisher (verified owner)

    These Are Hands down the Strongest carts enigma has made. These are perfect for a quick smack upside the head while your on-the-go! The selection is all Gas/Kush strains for everyday medicating. Amazing Price point for the cleanest/potent everyday carts on the market.
    Thanks Canna Panda & Enigma Extracts!

  14. elzeindanny5 (verified owner)

    White Shark is one of the best sativa strains I’ve ever had.

  15. Kira07 (verified owner)

    Bought Blackberry Kush was tasty as hell would recommend to try it if you like berry strains

  16. loafbloke (verified owner)

    Was heavily into the .5 gram exquisite carts for their flavour and potency but when you compare them to these budget carts, the value is unmatched! Convenience factor is of course amazing and the potency is still off the charts! These are always in my every day rotation for when I need a quick/stealthy sesh. Cartridges in general usually end up burning somewhere after the half-way mark of the cartridge. These unfortunately are no exception however with proper use and maintenance, you can definitely get your value.

  17. The Punisher (verified owner)

    Second time ordering these instead of the Exquisite line and can confirm they are just as Potent, if not stronger and you get just as high as you would smoking the .5 carts, but they last you literally x2 longer. Paired with a Yocan Uni Pro for the best function!

  18. AlreadyBeenStewing (verified owner)

    After using enigma carts almost exclusively the last year I decided to try out these budget carts. Boy was I surprised. They are HITTERS. Almost the same taste and potency as the regular carts, can’t go wrong with any of these.

  19. dudelm1def (verified owner)

    Amazing carts. Might be worth trying the uni pro vape but even with pens this smacks better than most available carts out there

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